“Preserved” means keep something fresh in English.

Preserved flowers are special flowers with specially-treated which enable to keep an original beauty of fresh flowers last forever. The processing method is a unique exchange preserved fluid for fluid in the flower keeping floral tissue. Preserved flowers retain moisture content and softness so that you can enjoy a beautiful look for a longer time by a special preserved fluid exchanged from fluid in the flower. And also various color will be available when adsorbing pigment with preserved fluid. No watering required makes you enjoy the flower for a longer time without great care.


An idea of keeping a beautiful flower last forever brought an invention of a dried flower. It has been discovered a lot of traces of dried flowers in Pyramid of Egypt. Long-admired dried flowers added technology of leaving subtle tinge of color in 1970’s could achieve a freeze-dried method. There are, however, problems of hardness and change in color. The research and study of preserved technology has been started in 1980’s in several laboratories and institutes to apply existing technology of keeping softness of leaves with glycerin into flowers. University of Berlin and Brussels started joint development of longer-life of cutting flowers in 1986 and based on this technology Vermont obtained a global patent system in 1991.Vermont builds the factory in Ecuador for producing roses in a big way and resume full-scale production of preserved flowers. Since then mass production of VERDISSIMO has been started in Ecuador in 1996 and at the same time mass production of Florever Has been started in Columbia. Today various manufacturers tool up production and bring high quality products into the world


Since the equatorial place of production of roses can supply the roses all year long, fresh roses can be produced without deterioration. To receive a considerable amount of benefits, many manufacturers have production hubs in Columbia and Ecuador. Florever, VERDISSIMO, Primavera and AMOROSA are representative brand names. Also in Kenya Vermont has a production hub. On the other hand, the production of various kinds of green leaf are being produced in France, Spain and Various European countries where the history of invention of dried-flowers. After the year of 2003 when hand-made preserved fluid has been invented in Japan, numbers of manufacturer engaged in production have been increased at once. Several brands were born in China and development of preserved flowers are booming Today, it expands development of preserved flowers even in South Africa, Oceania, Taiwan, Korea and etc.